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Sometimes it’s good to play in the rain.

Life lessons I learned while hiking a mile up a mountain today to see one of the most beautiful landmarks in colorado.

1. I’m out of shape. My thighs and butt were not prepared for the journey….sometimes I’m totally out of shape in life….but I choose to climb anyway.

2. I had no clue how far the hike was. I just knew there was something beautiful at the end…..sometimes I have no idea what the outcome is in life, but I climb anyway.

3. Halfway up….my thighs were wanting to turn around. Sometimes in life….we want to quit early when it gets uncomfortable….don’t quit.

4. There was a older lady who was obviously more experienced. She had done this before, lots. I just followed her. She knew what she was doing. Hmmm….sometimes we need those people. Life gets hard & we don’t know which “path” to take. We need someone who we can follow that’s done this before….(I snuck a pic of her shoes)

5. If you focus on how hard the climb is and keep looking down….you miss the beauty around you…..sometimes I can focus so much on what I want to change that I don’t recognize the beauty right in front of my face.

6. If you push through the burning thighs, the heart beating out of your chest…in a little while, you get this surge of energy and a new confidence to keep going…..don’t quit too early…no hardship last forever.

7. If you surround yourself with people you love and who know how to make falling down and burning thighs funny, the trip gets way better.

8. What a huge encouragement when someone who has made it to the top and is coming back down….says, “you are almost there!”……makes you feel SO much better…..we need those people in our life….keep going! It’s worth it!

9. Getting to the top. So worth it. I would do it again…even if it was hard.

10. Climbing isn’t always the perfect weather….sunny, easy, happy….sometimes it’s raining & real beauty is when you can appreciate what the rain has to offer.

Hanging Lake Colorado….a mile high in the sky. The journey is SO worth it❤️

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To some it could be considered strange….or even ask WHY???

It’s weird, I know. It’s a new parenting technique maybe?

You know how there’s that new parenting technique that structures everything to the minute? Eating, napping, bath time….

Well. For instance…..our plane was delayed last night. We get on plane. Plane has malfunction. Get off plane. Hungry.

What does the CulverCrazy family do? Descend on the airport convenience store (it’s dinner time people & I’m thinking “gas station food is a east Texas thing??) and spend $50. I repeat $50. On crap food.

Get back on plane. At this point my kids are so pumped on sugar they are actin fools hootin & hollerin. Ok….maybe I “hooted” a little bit. We were excited to be FINALLY leaving!

Take off. Fly. Almost to Denver. Pilot, “Folks.” (Bad sign)…..”There is a storm over Denver and the airport is closed”

Ok. At this point I am freakin cracking up at the man next to me about to have a spaz attack and stroke out on me because he is SO PISSED. And he has sunglasses on at night….so, it makes me laugh out loud. He did it to himself….

After circling for a WHILE…..we finally land.

Part of the “crazy” parenting concept is….you rent the smallest car possible. My kids think the further we push it, the better. YEA! Adventure! They seriously are squished in the backseat of the smallest car on the planet.

Yes, people. We think this is fun.

How do we get all our luggage in, you ask??

Well…….we pack in one suitcase. It’s all part of the CulverCrazy Vacay #2014 concept.

7 days. Adventure. Minimal clothing. Circus size car.

And one suitcase.

Loving every second. Packing light. I actually put tennis shoes on for the first time in a year. I’m ready to hit the wilderness!

Teaching the kids flexibility? Adventure? To roll with it?? WE say YES!

Is showering an option? We aren’t that crazy.

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Speaking straight to my soul…….


CulverCrazy vacay starts now. Ahhhhh.
Ready to unwind & just not really care about a whole lot.

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Ahhhhhh……just some time to think. Love being alone with the thoughts.


Sometimes I just love being quiet. It’s when I notice things and become inspired.
This weekend has been a awesome time of meeting with super successful salon owner friends from the east coast. We piled into a house in Galveston & shared ideas, best practices….and just brainstormed.
I love love the relationships. The openness. Just the time to inspire and encourage. Love it.

Headed to Denver this afternoon for a week full of time with the fam. Super pumped.

First I had to stop at a cool little coffee shop in Galveston just to have some quiet thinking time.

Things are gearing up on the Culverhouse front. Major business opportunities, a crazy thing called FreeRoots, my kid is leaving for college….some big big stuff.

Stuff that causes me to feel nervous, insecure, out of control….you know, all those “feel good” feelings…..ha!

I love the moments when I receive the boost…..a boost from a friend that says, “What?! Girl. You got this!”…..a boost of walking into a coffee shop and just being inspired by the surroundings and thinking, “I just LOVE different. I LOVE being surrounded by weird. I LOVE unexpected.”……a boost of just sitting and being alone with my thoughts to recharge.

I’m grateful. I’m SO grateful.

Off I go. On a CulverCrazy adventure for the week…..then it’s back to business.

I’ve got some pretty amazing and incredible lists to tackle…..❤️

ps….my parallel parking sucks. Thanks goodness everyone else’s did too ;)
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Have you ever seen that movie where everyone’s life is kept by time on their arm? I think Justin Timberlake was in it?

Well, that was my dream that woke me up at 5am. In my dream I looked down at my arm and noticed that my life was ticking away by a clock on my arm…..

I was like, “Oh my gosh….my life is passing and I didn’t even realize it! I’ve got to make the most of this and start to pay attention!”

I don’t know why…..but, as soon as I woke up….my thoughts were, “I gotta go see my momma.”

So, here I am. In mcdonalds in some little east Texas town on the way to see mom :)

Thankful for a husband that I can wake up & say…”Hey JJ. I had a dream, I think I need to go see mom for a few days.”……and he says, “Sure. No problem.”❤️❤️❤️

Road trips are good. Good therapy to think. Appreciate. Reflect.

Sometimes I can get too “grow up” thinking and have crazy thoughts like…

"Well, since we are renting this beach house,…..this really is our "vacation"….really shouldn’t go anywhere this summer with the kids.."

I know. Crazy talk. Snap out of it, Jenn!

So……we reserve time on our calendar WAY in advance for a family vacay. It’s next week. As of yesterday we had NO plans…..

Hmmmm…..isn’t it funny how we forget that this life is a “blink of an eye”, that our kids will be gone before we know it, and memories are worth WAY more than stuff???

Yep. Culverhouse Crazies are gonna do a hippy vacay. Decided yesterday. Found some cheap tickets to Denver. Gonna rent the tiniest car possible (totally more laughs & stories for the future grandkids that way)…..and we are gonna road trip Colorado….maybe go hang in Moab? Who knows…..making NO reservations and just see where life takes us.

Hmmmmm…..that life time clock is ticking….

Another random reflection… son Micah. He loves any opportunity he can get to be an “only child”. When the siblings are away….he soaks it in. Loves loves to hang with me & Jason….talk, cook, …..this morning when I told him, “I had a crazy dream & I’m going to drive up to see MiMi”…..(he’s used to crazy)
He’s like, “Cool. Love ya mom.”

Oh Lord…..I just wanna squeeze him. I make him hug me, tell him I love him a million times, hug him again…..tell him I’m so grateful God gave him to me….

At that point I’ve worn out the mom hug allowance…..hahaha ;) Ok, so I will take what I can get!!!

Lastly, I pick up The Q magazine that I write for and let me just tell you……

How much my heart grew when I saw the pic of the sweet girl who asked me to never forget her……here is a picture of her hands… the United States….

She is remembered.

Hmmmm. Time to hit the road again. This little breath of life waits for no one…& I wanna hug my mommas neck❤️

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What a great weekend. Just a much needed weekend of rest.

Let me just say…..I’m so grateful for a church that I can show up as I am.

Funny how the service was about “How our mind can play games”…..perfect timing.

One of the “Christian” rebellions I have is “dressing in your Sunday best”… the time Sunday rolls around, I’m pretty sure I have no energy to pick something to wear to impress people who DO NOT CARE what I have on…..& if they did, well that’s another conversation.

BPF……I salute you for accepting me in my flip flops & messy bun.

Beautiful honesty hour with one of my besties. Gosh, I am so thankful for friends that want to talk RIGHT NOW.

Then dinner tonight with my India good idea friend & her beautiful family…..corn in a cup, key lime cake & talking about how BIG God is.

Then a freakin AMAZING moon…..we had to put on our flip flops, grab Pablo & walk to the water…… I’ll be honest….at one point in my life, I was a Surfside judge-er. Pictures of trash, brown water & seaweed filled my mind. I’m sorry Surfside….I judged you without really knowing you. Now that I live here I see most days are filled with blue water, constant breeze, beautiful sunrises & a epic moon.

How beautiful.

Our neighbor Cheryl (our total hippy neighbor who lived in India for 11 years as a Hari Krishna) came down on her bike too……y’all….she is a whole post by herself. I am totally buying a bike like hers & we are taking a pic together…..

2 things I learned from Cheryl tonight…..

1. Never ride your bike in a straight line. And you shouldn’t do life that way either….

2. The constellations show us the magnificence of God……true story.

Hmmmmm…….I am freshened up❤️

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The mind does some crazy shiznit.

I’m a believer that when crazy beautiful stuff is brewing and getting ready to go down……there is a attack on the mind.

Some southern Baptist call it “the devil attackin”…..

Whatever it is….it’s a true story.

The shiznit happens with relationships….possibly the strongest ones.
You start to think, “Well, why did she say that? That’s weird…that kinda hurt my feelings. Maybe she is sick of me. Doesn’t want to be friends anymore? Am I getting on her nerves?”

See how that happens? It gets very junior high. I don’t know if it does for you…..but, in my shiznit mind state it does.

Then shiznit starts to happen in the beautiful stuff brewing on the horizon.

You start to think….”I can’t handle all of this. Am I even smart enough to pull all this off? Do people even like me? Do they think I’m too flakey? I’m too small……”

And then my mom……that shiznit I don’t even want to face.

Yep. I’ve been in a shiznit state of mind. The “devil” or noisy roommate has been whispering in my ear. Putting a lot of pressure on myself…..

Thank God that the Holy Spirits whisper is louder.

I’m then reminded of how Christ is strongest in our weakness……I’ve felt a ton of weakness….So hopefully He is working super strong in my life.

Literally been singing that dang “Let it Go” song from Frozen….(thanks nieces & nephew!)

This morning I’m renewed. So many beautiful CRAZY things in the horizon. I have the privilege of watching this happen…….

It’s as if there was a whisper that asked, “why not you?”

Hmmmmm…..crazy how one question can make all the shiznit look different. :)

I don’t remember where I heard this recently, but I thought it was so beautiful…..
“All of creation and the universe is on it’s tiptoes anxiously waiting to see you become what you were created to be❤️”

I just love that. Totally want to become what God has created me to be…..and just “Let it Goooooooo……and chill the efffff out!!!”❤️😜p>

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India…….just went because it felt like God wanted me to.
Just going seeking & hoping to see God’s vision.

Fell in love. Made friends. Saw opportunity.

I can’t stop now. Insecurities are flying my way….more than ever before.

Must mean something big. Standing with my hands wide open.